Coronavirus Lockdown in India: From Wearing COVID-19 Helmet to Riding Horse Painted With Images of Virus, Cops Get Creative to Raise Awareness About the Pandemic
Indian Cops Raising Awareness on COVID-19 (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The cases of novel coronavirus are increasing rapidly. As per the latest reports, the total number of COVID-19 cases in India rise to 1,251 with 32 deaths. It is a severe time, and with no immediate cure, people are urged to stay at home to limit the spread. The Indian government has declared nationwide lockdown. Police officials are vigilant. Anyone who is spotted loitering, violating the lockdown protocol are punished by the cops. Earlier videos surfaced on the internet showing how cops are tackling the violators, by either making them do sit-ups or shaming them publicly. Now, they have gone creative. Understanding the urgency of making the people aware of how serious the situation is, the cops are seen adopting unique ways. From riding horse painted in virus images to wearing COVID-19 helmets, here are various ways how Indian police officers are raising awareness during the lockdown.

Chennai Police Wearing Corona Helmet

A local artist, collaborating with the police officers, created a unique ‘corona helmet’ to dissuade commuters from coming out on the streets during the nationwide lockdown. Police Inspector, Rajes Babu, who wears the gear while speaking to the commuters on the street, reported that the approach had a positive impact so far.

Bangalore Police Wearing Corona Helmet

It appears that Bangalore cops took a cue from Chennai police personnel to create awareness about COVID-19. While one police officer was seen explaining about the virus, two other cops were spotted wearing corona helmets to tackle the lockdown violators on the street.

Andhra Pradesh Cop Riding Horse Painted With COVID-19 Images

A Sub Inspector, Maruti Sankar from Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh was spotted riding a horse painted with images of COVID-19 virus. He did it to create awareness among the public about the seriousness of the deadly virus.

Pune Cops Sings Outside Police Station

A team of Pune Police’s Dattawadi police station were singing a song to create awareness about COVID-19. The camera then moves to spot the crowd on the street amid the lockdown.

Karnataka Police Paint Streets

Police officer, Dayananda Shegunasi painted ‘Corona Danger—Stay Away From Me’ on the road in Belgaum, a city in Karnataka to create awareness.

These are the various ways that Indian cops are following to create awareness about the deadly virus and why staying at home is essential. While cases of cops doing lathi charge on violators have created outrage, these creative and effective ways of making the public understand the gravity of the present situation are undoubtedly praised nationwide.