Does Virat Kohli Want to Appear Taller Than Karman Kaur Thandi? Twitterati Asks Indian Captain (Watch Video)
Virat Kohli with tennis player Karman Kaur Thandi (Photo Credits: @SanobarFatma Twitter)

Tissot, the popular Swiss watch brand launched Tissot Chrono XL Classic Virat Kohli special edition commemorating their association with their brand ambassador and Indian cricket captain. Among several other sportspeople at the event was also tennis player Karman Kaur Thandi. While promoting the brand, the duo posed for photographs together on stage. And quite naturally Karman being taller than Virat, towered over him in her heels.

Virat tied the watch to her wrist and laughingly pointed and told her not to stand on the podium. He then took the platform trying to match Karman's height. The duo smiled for pictures showing off their new watches. But Twitterati was quick to notice Virat's gesture and pointed it out on social media. A tweet on the incident reads, "You can be anything but the woman can’t be taller than the man. Such fragile ego. Such vanity." However, he can be seen doing the same for other sportspeople too.

Here is the video of the incident:

Here is how Twitterati reacted to it:

The tweet led to various reactions on social media with people even tweeting personal experiences. Many tweeted pictures of similar incidents from different events in the past. While some said that Virat wanted to look taller in the picture, others said that he wanted the photographer to both of them in the same frame, hence stood on the podium.

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