Donkeys Wearing Fashionable Pants Are a New Trend? Watch Pics!
Donkey wearing pants (Photo credits: Twitter/jonathanbucks)

Watching dogs and cats dressed in colourful clothes are garnering attention for their cuteness on social media, is not very novel. We have seen several accounts of dogs and cats who are Instagram celebrities with their fashion. An Adorable Cat Named Dog is Selling Fish in Vietnam, See Cute Pictures of the Feline Seller. But pooches and furry babies adorning clothes can relax for a moment as we see donkeys now in fashionable pants in some parts of the world. Users are tweeting pictures of donkeys in pants and needless to say they are stylish too.

Seeing donkeys dressed in pants may seem too new but well, it has been followed in different countries. The main aim is to prevent the flies and mosquitoes from biting their legs but people are ensuring they do it stylishly. A volunteer from Donkey Sanctuary of Canada made a pair of trousers for donkeys and following the trend are others too.

Take a look at the pictures of the donkeys wearing pants:

The volunteer Sheila Zanyk informed how the donkeys were also proud about their new outfits. "The first time we put them on him, he was really proud of himself. He walked around the whole barnyard – just “look at me, look at me”, she said. These pants which cover their front and hind legs well are also beneficial during the winter season. Cow Wearing a Bra, What Did We Just See in This Pic? British Farmer's Invention is Too Crazy!

So it is no longer the cats and dogs who may be covered in sheets and jackets. Now donkeys too have their custom-made trousers and we agree they look good on them too. What do you think about this donkey fashion?