Durga Puja 2019: If You Do Not Find These 5 Types of Pandal Hoppers During Pujo, Are You Even in Bengal?
Durga Pujo Pandal Hopping (Photo Credits: Wiki Commons)

Durga Puja, also known as Durga Pujo, Durgotsava or simply pujo is finally here, and we cannot keep calm. The nine-night festival, also known as Navaratri (Navratri) worships the Hindu goddess, Maa Durga. However, people from West Bengal know that only the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth and the tenth day of Navratri that are important. Also known as Sashti, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami, these days may have their own spiritual significance, but for all the people from West Bengal, it is no lesser than a desi Tomorrowland festival. It is all about new clothes, mouth-watering food, addabazi and of course checking out potential dates. Anyone who has ever celebrated Durga Puja in West Bengal, must have surely met these five kinds of pandal-hoppers:

The Foodies

Durga Puja pandal hopping is surely a food-fest, but a few people take it to another level. The pujo foodies have their priorities sorted out; they know what they'll be doing all night -- Eating! Right from kosha mangsho rolls to fuchka there is nothing more than food that they care about during pujo. Why bother looking like a snack, when you can eat a snack, right?

The Love Birds

So you are telling me that people can roam around all night dressed to the nines with a potential date and no one will bat an eyelid? No wonder pujo time brings out all the love birds. Whether you are in a relationship, married or just have an infatuation, Durga Puja is the best time of the year to hang out with your special someone without the fear of gossip mongers. Because during pujo season, everyone comes together.


For some people, it is all about their gang. They dress up matching clothes and visit the same pandals together. They will walk about like they are about to drop the year's best album, looking dope AF.

The Fashionistas

What pandal hopping? Watch the roads turn into ramps during Durga puja as the fashionistas step out for pujo in style. These divas may avoid eating fuchkas for the fear of smearing their lipstick or might avoid hugging people to keep their hair in place.

The Family People

For some, pandal-hopping is a family thing and will always be. You will see them with the whole family, right from the kids to the elderly. They will make sure that they check out all the pandals in town without fail. And they do it with their entire family in tow.

Go figure which category you and your friends fall. No matter what kind of pandal-hopper you are, it is all about the fun you have during Durga puja with your friends and family. Good food, stress-free time and catching up with the loved ones, that's exactly what pujo brings to your life.