The Coronavirus lockdown has its sets of advantages when it concerns the spread of the disease. Social distancing has become the need of the hour to flatten the curve of COVID-19. But amid all the lockdown and coronavirus cases updates that keep coming up online, a lot of fake news is also spread on social media. A picture of a herd of deer sitting in the middle of the road has been passed along as a scene captured from Ooty in Tamil Nadu. The picture of many deer sitting relaxed on and across divider of the road is passed along with a caption, "Ooty ghat road reclaimed by original owners." Well, as pleasing as it may look and sound, let us tell you it is a fake claim. The original picture is from Nara region of Japan. Fact Check: Did Italian Doctor Couple Die After Treating Coronavirus Patients? Know Truth Behind Viral Photo Showing Them Share a Last Kiss.

In recent time, there are several reports from different parts of the world including India, which state how animals/birds are visiting back to the city regions. Absence of people and the decreasing levels of pollution is said to be working out for the better for the other species. While that stands true in some cases, a herd of deer have definitely not reclaimed a road in Ooty. A lot of people are surprised to see so many deer on the street. But let us tell you, the picture is from Nara Park in Japan, which is home to over 1,000 deer. These deer roam here freely and are officially classified as a national treasure.

Check Tweets Claiming Deer Took Over Streets of Ooty:

While the above pictures are real, the claim that they are from Japan is fake. A reverse search for this image on Google redirects one to the picture from Japan's Nara Park. So if you come across this picture being shared on WhatsApp and Twitter as being from Ooty, don't believe in the claim.

Fact check

Fact Check: Ooty Ghat Road Reclaimed by Herd of Deer? Know Truth Behind The Viral Image
Claim :

A herd of deer reclaim a road in Ooty

Conclusion :

The picture is from Japan's Nara Park and not from Ooty

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