We are in the middle of a crisis, and the situation is chaotic. There is a shortage of medical supplies, especially liquid medical oxygen for COVID-infected patients. In the middle of a growing crisis in the COVID-19 second wave, several videos, tweets, social media posts, messages, and more often surface on the internet with fake and unverified claims creating more panic among the masses. In a similar manner, a video has gone viral online where a young healthcare professional claims that an empty nebuliser can work as an alternative to an oxygen cylinder. However, the clip was called out by healthcare experts, with a few labeling it to be ‘baseless.’ After the misleading claim went viral, the doctor in the video issued an apology, explaining the truth behind it.

The video was shared by many users on Twitter and WhatsApp. In the video, the healthcare professional, identified as Dr. Alok. He was wearing scrubs with the logo of Sarvodaya Hospital, which shows viewers a ‘trick’ that he claims to be useful, for those suffering from low levels of oxygen and are ‘running after oxygen cylinders.’ The doctor further suggests using the empty nebuliser. He goes on to demonstrate how it works and fixes the mask to the nebuliser.

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After the video went viral, health experts came out discrediting the video and asked social media users to not believe it. Even Sarvodaya Hospital issued a clarification, noting that the claim made in the video is false, and warned against it.

Sarvodaya Healthcare's Clarification

Surgeon and Group Chairman at Medanta Hospital, Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin called the claim ‘baseless’ in his tweet. “The video demonstrating a purported technique that can substitute a nebulizer machine for an oxygen cylinder to improve blood oxygen levels is totally baseless. It should be discredited,” reads the tweet.

Viral Video is 'Baseless'

Moreover, Dr. Alok from the viral video as well issued a warning. He uploaded another clip, clarifying that his video on how to use a nebuliser was sending the wrong message. Dr. Alok was quoted in India Today report where he said that the video was sent to a completely stable person. Through the clip, he was trying to explain the method of using a nebuliser, before it went viral, and was connected with the ongoing oxygen crisis.

Watch Video of Dr. Alok Apologising

A nebuliser is a machine that helps you to breathe in medicine as a mist through a mask or a mouthpiece. But as confirmed from various sources, it is, certainly not an alternative to an oxygen cylinder. We urge our readers to follow only verified and authentic information released by official sources and not fall prey to fake claims amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Fact check

Is Empty Nebuliser an Alternate to Oxygen Cylinders Amid COVID-19 Second Wave? Healthcare Experts Call It ‘Baseless,’ Doctor Apologises After Video Goes Viral
Claim :

Nebuliser an Alternate to Oxygen Cylinders

Conclusion :

The video was misleading. Nebuliser is not an alternate to oxygen cylinders. The doctor in the video issued an apology.

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