The coronavirus crisis has ensured almost every festive celebration this year has to be observed with maintaining social distancing. The festival of Navaratri 2020 is ongoing and the nine-day festival will end on October 25 with Dusshera. One of the most iconic traditions of this festival is to play Garba-Dandiya. The traditional dance forms usually see grand events and programmes with people gathering in great number to be a part of the enthusiastic celebrations. But this time with social distancing most events are cancelled. However, that has done little to curb the spirits of people who absolutely love dancing and playing garba. Clips of people enjoying garba dance by maintaining social distancing have been shared online and they will sure bring a smile to your face. Navratri 2020 Garba and Dandiya Funny Memes: From No Falguni Pathak Shows to Dandiya in Embroidered PPE Kits, Jokes About Gujaratis Missing The Garba Nights Take over the Internet.

In Mumbai's Nesco COVID center at Goregaon, patients in female ward performed Garba with health workers yesterday, October 19. The health professionals were dressed in PPE kits and accompanied the patients in circles and performed the typical Garba steps. It is indeed a beautiful sight and spreads on hope among the patients. All of them formed a huge circle and enjoyed the traditional dance routine. It also gives a chance for the healthcare workers to unwind a little from the constant stress of dealing with patients every day and night.

Check The Video of Garba in Mumbai's COVID Center:

Seeing the health workers dancing in PPE kits, reminds us of fashion designing students from Surat who designed special PPE kits for the festival. A video of the students playing Garba in these hand-painted costumes was shared online a few days ago.

Check the Video Here:

Meanwhile, social media sees its share of some funniest content. So we also have some funny videos of Garba with social distancing that are doing the rounds online. One such video sees two men playing Dandiya, but their sticks are metal pipes!

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Another such clip that has been shared online, shows a man performing the Garba steps while running on a treadmill! The funny video has been doing the rounds from the start of Navratri. It sees Garba, maintaining social distancing and exercising at the same time.

Here's The Funny Clip:

In yet another Jugaad technique that ensures social distancing, people were seen using ropes tied to them so that they maintain the adequate distance at all times. It is not known where the video is from, but the idea is sure a great one.

Check The Video Here:

All of these videos show that there is no taking out a person's will to celebrate the festival. Revellers have found a way around it that also maintains social distancing and they can enjoy the festival. Hope you too are having safe celebrations.

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