During most festive occasion or traditional celebrations, Indian women apply Mehendi. Be it festivals of Ganeshotsav, Diwali or wedding functions, applying Henna is considered a sign of prosperity and good luck. Henna designs, beautiful mehndi patterns add beauty to all festive occasions. But one foreigner went ahead to apply it on her lips and called it a "Henna Lip Stain" like a beauty statement. Naturally, Desi Twitter is not impressed with her antics and have slammed the idea. TikTok video of the user has been shared online and it is going viral as people even call it actually a stain on cultural appropriation by foreigners. Others just wondered "why?"

TikTok often has videos of mehndi designs and patterns by mehndi artists. But a TikTok user by the name bri.in.a.box showed off the idea of a Henna lip stain. She applies the mehndi with a brush on her lips and lets it dry for an hour before peeling it off. She then shows off the tinge of the henna colour on her lips! But people are losing it with her idea of beauty. The video shared on Twitter has over 93,000 views and people are slamming it. Every Desi who has seen mehendi application as a part of the culture, will squirm in discomfort at this video clip.  American Woman's TikTok Video of 'How to Make Hot British Tea' is So Bad Even Chai Lovers Would Agree! Netizens Slam Her For Ruining The Beverage (Watch Viral Video).

Check The Viral Video of Girl Putting Henna on Her Lips:

The video has been shared by multiple users online and calling out to this idea. Check some reactions:

Mehndi Artist Reacts

RIP Lips

Wear it Properly


Gatekeep Mehndi

Bad Idea

This is Self Damage

Most netizens have questioned why would she do something like this! Others pointed our that lips have sensitive skin and with the cones having certain chemicals it can cause severe damage. It is definitely a terrible idea to apply henna anywhere other than hands, legs or use it for the hair.

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