Guess This Chaat Vendor's Earnings! Patiala Chaatwala Earns in Crores, Income Tax Officials Raid Shop
Image Used for Representational Purpose | (Photo Credits: The Alternative)

It seems income tax officials have smelled that something unlawful is cooking at many leading eateries places. Just a few days before the Pakorawala at Ludhiana declared an undisclosed income of Rs 60 lakh, the CBI sleuth reached at the doors of Patiala's chaatwala. The famous chaatwala had an undisclosed income of Rs 1.20 crore which baffled the tax officials.

An Income Tax Official was quoted by the English daily Hindustan Times saying that the owner of the chaat shop had not filed  IT returns for the past couple of years. A discreet survey was conducted and Income Tax people were secretly monitoring the footfall at the shop and found that the chaat shop person had made investments in real estate business  as well.

The chaat wala is so highly in demand that he has booking offices on Sirhind road, for taking bulk orders for marriages and big functions. How Much Money Can a Pakode Wala Make? Ludhiana's Panna Singh Pakorewale Surrenders Rs 60 Lakh to Income Tax Department.

Earlier, Panna Singh Pakorewale from Ludhiana had surrendered Rs 60 lakh to the Income Tax department. According to a report published in The Times of India, the IT department had conducted a day-long survey at the two outlets of Panna Singh Pakorewale on Thursday. The outlets are located at Gill Road, and another at Model Town. The department took action after getting an input that the shop owner was not revealing its real income.