Guinness World Record of Longest Line of Sanitary Napkins Created in Bengaluru to Promote Menstrual Hygiene, Watch Video
Sanitary napkin world record (Photo Credits: Video grab)

The year 2018 saw a lot of discussion about menstrual hygiene. A topic that, unfortunately, still remains tabooed was brought up in public discussions. To ensure that it continues, a medical congress in Bengaluru took it up to reach the Guinness World Records. With an aim to promote menstrual health and hygiene, the longest line of sanitary pads was created at a medical congress in Bengaluru. About 500 people participated to arrange 10,000 plus sanitary napkins in a line stretching up to 1,078 metres (3,537 feet) long. Nepali Woman, Sons Forced to Live in 'Menstrual Hut' Die of Suffocation.

The feat was achieved at the 62nd All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (AICOG) and took nearly 8 hours to be completed. A structure of a uterus was created with sanitary pad packets surrounded by sanitary napkins all around, along with a slogan that read, "Nothing's more cuterus than your uterus". The Guinness World Record officials verified their efforts. "Sanitary pads are required for every woman for her hygiene. Hygiene is so important otherwise they will have lot of pelvic infections, urinary infections and all those problems are there," said gynaecologist Geeta Pramod Shanbhag to a news agency. Bajaj Allianz Life Plankathon: India Sets New Guinness World Record with Plankathon.

Check Video of Guinness Record For Longest Line of Sanitary Napkin

Despite creating awareness about menstruation, a lot of women still use cloth and are devoid of sanitary pads. Sanitary napkins are a key to maintain good menstrual hygiene but women, especially in the rural parts of the country still do not have access to them. According to the National Family Health Survey (NHFS) report published in 2017, only 58 per cent of women in India aged between 15 to 24 were found to be using hygiene methods of menstrual protection. Period Leave Announced for Women in a Kolkata-Based Company as a New Year Gift, Is It Necessary?

The topic of menstruation and use of sanitary napkins was once again spoken about when the government had put a controversial tax on sanitary napkins. But to ensure that every woman can afford the basic need, this tax was revoked in July 2018.