Nepali Woman, Sons Forced to Live in 'Menstrual Hut' Die of Suffocation
Representational Image (Photo Credits: PTI)

Kathmandu, November 1: The outlawed practice of sending menstruating women into isolated rooms claimed yet another life in Nepal, where 35-year-old Amba Bohara died in one-such "menstrual hul". The incident was reported on Wednesday in western Nepal's Bajura district. Along with Bohara, her two sons - aged 9 and 12 - were also found dead.

The deceased woman was forced to live in the hut by her in-laws, after she entered into menstrual phase. On Tuesday night, she had lit up fire in the packed room to survive the freezing cold. Buddha Boy, Self-Styled Godman in Nepal, Under Scanner For Disappearance of Devotees.

Since the hut was seal-tight, and the room got engulfed with the smoke, the trio died midnight amid sleep. Their bodies were found the next morning by Baroha's father-in-law.

Police has taken cognizance of the death caused due to "chhaupadi" or the practice of sending menstruating women to isolated huts. Investigating officer Uddhav Singh Bhat, while speaking to reporters, said the trio died as there was no ventilation in the room -- kept airtight to beat the cold.

Bohara and her children were the latest victims of the outlawed practice which has claimed hundreds of lives among Hindus settled in western Nepal. In 2005, the government had banned chhaupadi, and introduced a law sanctioning three-month imprisonment and a Rs 3,000-fine on anyone who forces a menstruating woman to live in an isolated room.