Hailey Welch, aka the Hawk Tuah Girl, has become an internet sensation ever since she gave a spontaneous street interview with YouTubers Tim and Dee TV earlier this year. Hailey was having a fun night out with her friend when she was stopped and interviewed by the YouTubers. When asked what the one thing is that drives men crazy, she replied, "you need to do the hawk tuah and spit on that thang." This phrase, ever since the video was uploaded online, has gone viral and made Hailey Welch, now known as the Hawk Tuah Girl, a viral sensation. Since she went viral online, there have been many rumours that have spread about her, including her identity. However, Hailey has now given her first ever interview after her video went viral online. Hailey Welch, aka the Hawk Tuah Girl, appeared on the Plan Bri Podcast and was interviewed by Brianna LaPaglia. In the video, she has made five big revelations. Scroll below to learn what the five revelations made by the Hawk Tuah Girl are. Hailey Welch aka Hawk Tuah Girl Not Fan of Donald Trump, Says in Her First Ever Interview After Going Viral.

1. Was Hailey Welch, Hawk Tuah Girl, Fired From Her Job?

Rumour mills went overdrive, saying that Hailey worked as a teacher and got fired from her job due to the viral video. In the interview, Hailey mentions that she is only 21 years old and, hence, was too young to be a teacher. Hailey clarifies that she has never worked as a teacher and hence, was never fired. She in fact worked as a spring factory worker, a job that she left. She now has a management team.

2. Hawk Tuah Girl Offered USD 600 To Spit on a Jar

In one of the big revelations made by Hailey during the interview, she was asked if there were any creepy guys messaging her. To which she responds that yes, she was in fact offered USD 600 to spit on a jar and sell it.

3. Hailey Said She Doesn’t Want ‘Hawk Tuah’ To Be Her Image

When asked by the interviewer if she wants to continue being the Hawk Tuah Girl, Hailey responds, saying that she doesn’t really want Hawk Tuah to be her image. She does not want to be known as the Hawk Tuah Girl.

4. Hailey Welch, Hawk Tuah Girl Not Fan of Donald Trump

In a rapid-fire round of the interview, Hailey is questioned about Donald Trump. She replies, saying that it is a no from her, indicating that she is not a fan of the former US President, Donald Trump.

5. When Did Hailey Welch Delete All of Her Social Media?

While many people assumed that Hailey, aka Hawk Tuah Girl, deleted all of her social media because her Hawk Tuah video went viral online, Hailey clarifies that this isn’t the case. In fact, Hailey deleted all of her social media accounts about six months before she became an internet sensation. Shaq and 'Hawk Tuah Girl' Viral Photo: Shaquille O’Neal and Hailey Welch Pictured Partying at Jon Bon Jovi’s Restaurant in Nashville.

Watch Hailey Welch, aka Hawk Tuah Girl’s Full Interview Here

In the interview, Hailey Welch, aka Hawk Tuah Girl, talks in detail about how she was getting ready for her 2:00 AM graveyard shift when she found out that her video was going viral online. She also speaks about the moment when her video went viral online and changed her life forever, making her an internet sensation.

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