Ever since the lockdown has been imposed, we have seen the positive effects of it on nature and our immediate surroundings. In the early days of the lockdown back in March, Mumbaikars saw a group of dolphins jumping about near the city's famous spot, Marine drive. Then there were peacocks in Parsi colony and now a few months later, a herd of deer was seen near the city's Mithi River's starting point. The video shows a group of these animals running around and enjoying the green patch. It is hard to believe that something like this lies in the heart of this fast-paced city and that is how netizens have reacted. A video of these deer was shared on Twitter and people are delighted. Peacocks, Deer And Dolphins Spotted in Mumbai! Animals Seen Roaming Freely As Humans Remain in Lockdown (See Pictures & Videos)

Afroz Shah, who has been instrumental in launching clean-up campaigns across the city, including the Juhu beach, shared the video on his Twitter account. He rightly called it the positive effects of lockdown. The video was taken a couple of days ago on July 2, at the starting point of Mithi river. It shows a herd of deer enjoying themselves running around and playing. He wrote, "Leave mother nature alone. Mother nature revives."

Watch the Video of Deer in Mumbai Here:

The video is undoubtedly going viral and people are loving it. Check some of the reactions:

Much Needed Positivity

This is Mumbai?




Isn't it amazing? Can you too believe this lies in Mumbai? It goes on to show how we as citizens need to give space to nature and other animals too for co-existing. This lockdown is proving a delight for nature and animal lovers.

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