Humans Can Meet Aliens by Next Century, But What Questions Will a Desi Ask Them?
Jadoo from Koi Mil Gaya (Photo courtesy: Koi Mil Gaya Video Grab)

The existence of life on planets other than Earth has always been a subject of deep interest. To expect aliens existing in the vast universe cannot be dismissed as a possibility and scientists have been over the years studying about the life on other planets. Every day we have some new findings about the topic and a physicist has said a possible contact with the aliens can be expected within the next century. A physicist named Michio Kaku predicted that although the nature of contact is not exactly known, he was not sure if it would be friendly.

While it may seem like a very distant possibility, we are just curious what will happen if aliens visit India? What will a typical Indian ask to an alien? First of all their looks will be daunting enough but we can always strike up a conversation right?

What is your religion?

We Indians boast of being multi-religious and multi-cultural. We have so many caste and sects within and that’s what we even usually define ourselves with. For us, religion is of immense importance although we feel like defying it in some cases. So when we first spot even an alien, we will question him about their religion.

Is there traffic in space?

Most of us spend time more of our daily commuting time in traffic. Traffic has become such a pain that we would all want to literally eliminate it if we could. So we will inquire if there is any traffic up in space. We, of course, will not go till the traffic rules, because what are those?

Are you married?

The big fat Indian weddings have become a mark of Indianness. Big, fat or not, but marriage is a very important custom in the country as compared to others. So we have to know about an alien’s relationship status.

Are you on Facebook?

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Suppose the alien turns out to be really pretty and conversational, we will love to have him as a friend on Facebook. And imagine all the selfies and boasting about being a friend with an alien.

Can you tell me something about my Kundali according to the planetary position?

All of us may not believe in astrology but if we come across horoscopes we will read it. if an alien happens to meet someone who totally believes in horoscopes, then this is a definite question. Indian families have a lot related to their kundalis, with aliens coming in from the space itself, you can ask them for the definite planetary position.

What superstitions do you follow?

Our beliefs make us distinctly Indian, don’t you agree? So we should ask the aliens about their beliefs and how they get rid of the evil eye, do they have the ‘Nimbu-Mirchi’ system? We have way too many superstitions to ask about all of them.

What do you think of Jadoo?

Our understanding of a friendly alien is Hrithik Roshan’s dear friend Jaddoo from the film Koi Mil Gayaa. So we need to know what aliens think of India’s alien representational Jadoo!

What is the average of your spaceship?

Last but not the least, a little more important information never hurt, a spaceship’s average will make us jealous nonetheless, we need to know of it.

These are just some of the questions that we could think of. But we are sure once we strike up a conversation we will only have more to ask. By the end of it the aliens will be like...

If you happen to spot an alien somewhere, what would you ask him? Let us know.