Kirron Kher is Being Called a Backbencher For Her Animated Expressions During Debate on Upper Caste Quota, Watch Viral Video
Kirron Kher's expressions in Lok Sabha (Photo Credits: Video grab)

The Indian Parliamentary sessions can get really goofy sometimes. One can never really predict how the mood in the Parliamentary houses will change. From something serious being discussed to people falling asleep, there have been enough instances from the Lok Sabha that have entertained the common man. Now, if you aren't aware, the Winter Session in Lok Sabha is going on and the current topic of discussion is the Quota Bill. Amidst the discussions of providing 10% reservation to the weaker sections from upper castes, Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher was sure in a goofy mood. Her antics, rather a childlike behaviour from a backbencher was not to difficult to miss. Things like these spread fast on social media and Kirron Kher's video from the ongoing parliamentary session is already going viral. Reservation For Economically Weak Upper Castes: Quota Bill Tabled in Lok Sabha, What's Next?

This Constitution (124 Amendment) Bill, 2019 was cleared in the Lower House of Lok Sabha on January 8 and tabled in the Rajya Sabha the following day. While the bill was being discussed, Kirron Kher was distracted by something but she amused others with it. She was animatedly seen talking to someone and her reactions were too hard to miss. It looked like she was showing off a saree to someone and probably realised she was on camera and thus showed her tongue! Soon enough the video was all over social media and people had their funny reactions to it. Rahul Gandhi Hugs PM Narendra Modi, Winks Inside Lok Sabha and Twitter is Ready With Funny Jokes and Memes.

Check Kirron Kher's Funny Video From Parliamentary House Going Viral

She's a perfect backbencher! 

What the Hell was that?

She's funny, nevermind!

Kirron Kher was sure carried away with something and her expressions have been musing on the internet. With some people terming her the Accidental MP, Kher's video has been played and replayed many times on the internet.