Rahul Gandhi Hugs PM Narendra Modi, Winks Inside Lok Sabha and Twitter is Ready With Funny Jokes and Memes
Rahul Gandhi Hugging PM Modi and Winking in the Lok Sabha | (Photo Credits: Screengrab/Twitter)

New Delhi, July 20: Congress President Rahul Gandhi, in his speech in the No-Confidence Motion against the Narendra Modi led NDA government in Lok Sabha on Friday, ended his speech dramatically as he walked across the aisle and hugged Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was stunned for a moment but quickly called Rahul and shook hands with him. Read Rahul Gandhi's full speech here.

However, Congress President hugging the Prime Minister has inspired and continues to give rise to a number of meme's on Twitter. Here are a few of the meme's doing rounds on Twitter:

One Twitter user compared Gandhi's hugging act to the behaviour of a kid:

Is he an opposition leader or some Munnabhai MBBS type of character! Shameful ! Said Shehzad Poonawala:

"Did Rahul Gandhi take Modi’s consent before hugging him? Disgusting! Ideology of Congress," asked one user:

One Twitter user went a bit overboard with the meme. Check the tweet out:

Some called Rahul's hug an act or performance and added to the meme collection:

Rahul Gandhi's wink moment in the Lok Sabha also did not go unnoticed and is being widely commented on. Watch the video of the Congress President's 'wink act' first:

"Move out Priya Warrier you have got a tough Competition in Rahul Gandhi!!"said a tweet:

Rahul Gandhi in his speech targeted the Prime Minister on a number of issues and called the promises made by the Prime Minister as  jumlas (False promises).  But the dramatic end made by Gandhi to his speech, by hugging the prime minister, is sure to give rise to mixed reactions. For the moment, it's a field day for Memewalas on Twitter. What is your reaction to Rahul Gandhi's speech in the Lok Sabha?

What is Your Reaction to Rahul Gandhi's Speech in Lok Sabha?