Maharashtra Floods: Viral Video of Baby Monkey Believed to be Rescued From Kolhapur is Actually From Badlapur
Baby monkey saved from Kolhapur floods (Photo Credits: Video grab)

The Western part of Maharashtra is currently crippled by severe floods as monsoon rains have created havoc in the region. The districts of Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara are reeling under severe floodwater and over lakhs of people have been affected. While rescue operations are in full force to help those people affected, a very heartwarming video of a baby monkey being rescued has come up online. A video of a small monkey rescued and comforted by an officer has been shared and it is very heartwarming to see it. The video has been widely circulated as footage from the flood-affected Kohlapur region.  But it's actually from July 27 floods in Badlapur. The rescuer is, in fact, Ganraj Jain from the Panavtha Foundation. Maharashtra Floods: 75,000 People Evacuated From Kolhapur and Sangli Districts.

Apart from causing widespread destruction, the floods in Assam and Maharashtra have displaced many animals. There were reports of animals from the Kaziranga sanctuary getting stranded and trying to flee from the floodwaters. Two rhinos were also reported to have died in the floods.  In Gujarat and Maharashtra, floodwaters have also caused crocodiles to drift into residential areas.

A lot of animals must have lost their lives in this disastrous situation. And the condition of these animals during the floods is highlighted in this video. Flood Situation Worsens in Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka: Over 40 Killed in Deluge; NDRF, Navy Deployed.

Watch Video of Rescued Monkey From Badlapur:

The monkey is clearly scared and the rescuer is trying his best to comfort the poor animal. Rescuing animals from flooding is high on the government's priority list.  A total of 28,199 animals have been shifted to safer locations and 267 temporary camps have been set up in various parts of the country.