Man Uses Fake Penis to Pass Drug Test, Sentenced to Jail for Three Years
Man uses fake penis and urine sample to pass drug test. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A 42-year-old man used a prosthetic penis and another man’s urine sample to pass drug test has been sentenced to three years’ probation after his guilty to a felony and misdemeanour. Brad Catlin was arrested in April 2017 after his Warren County probation officer caught him using a false instrument to provide a urine sample at the Probation Department in the upstate New York Community of Queensbury, as reported by The Post Star. The officer accompanied the man to the bathroom and noticed something odd about the delivery process. Fake Penis-Shape Mark Left on Woman’s Leg After a Tan Fail.

According to court documents filed in Warren County Court, an investigation found he had liquid that was not his own urine that he was trying to pass off. He was charged with felony tampering with physical evidence and pleaded guilty last January to the court. He was put on interim probation for a year and did well enough for Warren County Judge John Hall to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea Wednesday and substitute a misdemeanour plea for attempted tampering with physical evidence.

Catlin was on probation for a misdemeanour marijuana possession conviction that required a drug test. “We seem to have one of these every few months,” said Warren County Probation Director Robert Iusi adding that his office has dealt with a number of similar cases over the years. Prosthetic penises and fake urine can be purchased on the internet easily.