Mumbai Police is knowing for creatively promoting social messages on their social media platforms. Since COVID-19 pandemic began in India, the cops' handle has been using various movie and meme references telling people to maintain social distancing and follow healthy practices to curb the spread of coronavirus. In the latest such effort, Mumbai Police has taken to Twitter sharing a puzzle for the citizens online to crack. It shows four sets of boxes with numbers placed randomly in the grid. It reads 'Crack That Code!' The tweet was shared with the caption, "Luck by chance, safe by choice! Solve the code to reveal a message. #TakingOnCorona. Mumbai Police Twitter Handle Gets Creative, Posts Poetry Using Titles of 90s' Doordarshan Shows to Spread Awareness on Coronavirus And Social Distancing (View Tweets)

And for cracking the code, you will get a reward. The cops handle commented about it saying, "Your priceless safety is the biggest reward! For the rest, we may surely plan something once we bid #corona goodbye forever!" For everybody who is trying make sense of the code, let us tell you that all you have to do is replace numbers with alphabets in the chronological order. So the value of 1 is A, 2 is B and 3 is C. The first line of numbers which includes 19, 20, 1, 25 which makes it 'Stay Home'. Similarly, the second line reads 'Wear a mask', the third is 'Wash hands regularly' and the fourth is '6 feet distance'. After 'Bulati Hai Magar, Janeka Nai', Here Comes Mumbai Police's Social Distancing Advisory 'Jo Virus Hai Vo Phaillane Ka Nai'.

Mumbai Police's Code on #TakingonCorona:

As cases of coronavirus continue to rise across countries, various social media handles are trying to encourage hygienic practices to thwart the spread of the virus. It is important to follow clean habits to keep the virus at bay. Social distancing and washing hands are some of the important factors to be followed. Meanwhile, Mumbai Police's tweet was quick to garner the attention of netizens who commented on the answers in the comment box.

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