New Year's Eve 2019 Midnight Kiss Video Goes Viral: Dutch Man's Awkward Attempt to Get Kissed Irks Twitter
Man's attempt to get a kiss from a woman caught on camera (Photo credits: Video grab)

The New Years' Eve was celebrated in much gung-ho amidst following different traditions across the world. While the ways to ring in the new year everywhere differs, pop culture has a very significant tradition of kissing your loved one as the clock strikes 12. After a countdown to the New Year, people often kiss their partners and wish them a Happy New Year. But well, not have been so lucky in getting the kiss! A video of a very awkward new year kiss between a man and woman is going viral online. Filmed at Top 2000 Live on NPO Radio 2, a Dutch station, a man was trying his luck on a woman next to him. She was reluctant to kiss him and yet he kept trying to get the kiss. The awkward encounter between the two was caught on video and has been widely shared online. People on social media are also disgusted by the man's attempt to get lucky and kissed. Colombian Journalist Julieth Gonzalez Theran Gets Groped, Kissed While LIVE Reporting, Video Enrages Social Media Users.

The man made a rather desperate attempt to get the New Year kiss and the girl was surely left disgusted. He went close to her lips to get a kiss but she pulled back, unimpressed. But he still wants to go ahead, as he opens his mouth and leans towards her lips, only to realise she is not going to kiss him. The next moment is extremely awkward as the two look down in complete embarrassment. Swedish Reporter Groped & Kissed Live on Television During 2018 FIFA World Cup Coverage, Watch Video.

Check Video of The New Year Kiss Fail Caught on Camera

The video clip has got over 10.3 million views and 60,000 plus retweets. Although it may have been a really awkward scene for the two, people online have found their humour. Check how some of them reacted.

Nobody saw? Everybody did!

Cringe level max!


People even commented that the way the guy opened his mouth, it seemed like he was going to eat her! Some others commented that maybe the guy had bad breath. And then were some hopeful ones who joked, "There's always 2020." Well, the girl was sure disgusted and did not really have her start to the new year as planned.