Overweight Rat Rescued by 9 Firefighters After the Rodent Gets Stuck in Manhole Cover (Watch Video)
Rat struggling in a hole. (Picture Credits: YouTube/ Celeb Daily News )

Could you imagine NINE firefighters coming together to save a rat? Well, it happened. A chubby rat got stuck in drain cover in the German town of Bensheim and about nine firefighters had to come together to rescue. The rat had somehow managed to get stuck into the manhole cover and squeezed into a tiny hole left in distress, breathless. The rescuers found the fat rat stuck into a very tiny hole. However, the nine firefighters managed to free the rodent from the tiny gap before leaving it into the sewer, as per reports by Daily Mail. The plump rodent was spotted by two young girls in the town of Bensheim, Germany, on Sunday afternoon who then called the emergency services. Dead Rat found in Butter Paneer at Faridabad Restaurant; Watch Video.

Take a look at the video of the rat struggling to come out of the tiny hole.

The rescuers arrived they only to see the rodent screeching in the manhole cover trying failed attempts to free itself from a very small hole. One of the firefighters, used an animal capture noose to grab hold of the rat while other rescuers lifted up the cover with crowbars, as reported by Daily Mail. Very soon the firefighters managed to free the mouse after removing the manhole cover open and pushing the rat through. The rodent once free was taken to the sewer and dropped safely by the firefighters.