Pakistani Journalist’s ‘In-Depth’ Reporting on Floods Go Viral, Twitterati in Splits (Watch Video)
Pakistani Journalist’s ‘In-Depth’ Reporting on Floods (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ YouTube)

Journalism is a stressful career and demands an ample amount of dedication. The journalists who are responsible to collect all sorts of news to the public, often goes to a serious extent. Amid the working culture, live reporting has its challenges. In the past, we have seen reporters jumping to arduous situations to deliver it to the public. One such move is making the headlines now. A Pakistani reporter has left the internet in splits after his “in-depth” reporting on severe flood situation went viral. While a few sections of people in Twitter is making hilarious remarks, others are praising the journalist for his courage and dedication. As Pakistani Journalist's Hilarious #TaubaTauba Rant Goes Viral, We Take a Look at 7 Funny Reporting Videos From Pakistan. 

The news anchor is from GTV News, who has uploaded the clip on their YouTube channel stating, “Pakistani Reporter in Flood Water, risk his life in danger to perform his duties. (sic)” In the viral clip, the reporter can be seen managing to stand in neck-deep mud water, giving his inputs and explaining the disastrous situation. The reporter in media outlets has been identified as Azadar Hussain. He talks about the increasing flood water levels of the Sindh River in Punjab region and how the agricultural lands in the area have been sunken. Transgender TV Anchor Marvia Malik Challenges Pakistani Culture & Shares Struggles of Being a News Presenter. 

Watch the Viral Video: 

As the video went viral, Twitterati had a lot of reactions, altogether. Some had quirky and humorous comments to give, others applauded his efforts. Check out some reactions below:

Twitterati in Spits!


So Do We..

Some More!

The viral video has garnered thousands of views and retweets on Twitter. Meanwhile, heavy rains continue to shower in Pakistan, causing life to a standstill. Many people are directly affected as the flood situation continues to get worse.