‘Penis’ Jacket  Worn by Australian News Anchor on Live TV, Mocked by Netizens (See Pic)
News anchor mocked for wearing a penis jacket. (Photo Credits: YouTube Grab)

You cannot hide anything from the eagle eyes of the netizens and when people on social media find something amusing, they never let go of it. And now a news anchor has caught the attention of people online when she started presenting the news on live TV wearing a green jacket. Although the jacket looked smart there was a one striking feature that netizens couldn’t help but notice. Australia’s Channel Nine anchor Samantha Heathwood wore a stylish jacket, but the viewers were taken aback by the unusual shape of the collar as it resembled like penis. Penis on a Dry Lake Etched by an Australian Prankster, is So Big That It Can Be Seen from the Space! View Pics.

The shape of the jacket collar makes a recognisable form of a penis and a pair of balls. The collar extends midway down on the jacket in a rounded shape, finished off with a zip. And social media was quick to notice that and started mocking the news channel for making their anchor wear a jacket like that. As reported in Lad Bible, one social media user wrote: “I know I’m immature, but this cracks me up.” Chinese Skyscraper Shaped Like Penis and Testicles 'Ejaculates' As Fireworks Go Off On Top (Watch Video).

News Anchor Mocked For 'Penis' Jacket

On the other hand, for some it was difficult to unsee it. One user commented: “I feel bad for her, but hopefully she has a sense of humour and does appreciate the fact that there’s a pretty obvious dong happening here.”

Although this is not the first time the penis jacket has surfaced online. In 2016, the penis jacket was made famous by a newsreader called Natarsa Belling who wore it on 10 News. And this hasn’t escaped the attention of people online. One said: “Someone in the wardrobe department, probably: ‘It’s been a couple years, no one will notice’.” It actually is quite hilarious.