Chinese Skyscraper Shaped Like Penis and Testicles 'Ejaculates' As Fireworks Go Off On Top (Watch Video)
Skyscraper in China Looks like Penis and Testicles; Shoots Fireworks from the Top to Mark the Mid-autumn Festival (Watch Video) (Photo Credit: Screengrab, YouTube/ China Live Channel)

In the recent news is the skyscraper from China that is gaining more popularity than any building could ever get right now and if you are thinking that it is because of the people who made it or the residents of that building, you couldn't be more wrong. The building is garnering attention due to the structure and the shape of the building. The skyscraper has become the butt of all jokes because of its resemblance to the male genitalia. Yes! the building looks like a penis and a pair of testicles. Moreover, the newly-opened skyscraper recently also had a firework session on the top of the bilding which made the scene even funnier. A normal drone view would show a penis ejaculating different coloured lights and fireworks. You might want to read World’s Largest Man-Made Waterfall in China Comes Under Social Media Scrutiny (Watch Video.)

Called the Guangxi New Media Centre opened only last month is a grand skyscraper that took about two years of construction in the autonomous region of Guangxi, south-eastern China. The building however used fireworks to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is an annual harvest festival mostly celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people. The willy shaped building has garnered a lot of comments mocking its resemblance to a willy and a video footage captured it perfectly. Take a look at the video that gives the aerial view of the building and the fireworks.

While it looks absolutely funny, one can't deny that it is a grand structure. Some reports have it that it wasn't the architects’ intention to give it a shape that looked like a penis but was to 'base it on the terraced landscapes that the provinces of Guangxi and Yunnan are famous for', as per reports by Mirror Online. Disgusting Video Shows Restaurant Worker Spitting onto a Customer’s Pizza at a Baseball Game in Detroit.