What is happening? How are monuments strangely disappearing? Is something that everyone would be wondering right now. As netizens spin their heads around the mystery of Utah monolith vanishing, a similar one that appeared in Romania has also disappeared! Just couple of days ago, the strange rock discovered from Utah desert was reported to be missing, after its discovery caused a buzz online. Later, there was a similar structure found in Romania pointed out by a Twitter user. And now, that's gone missing too! Clearly, something seems fishy about these disappearing landmarks. Is it a part of a larger prank, we wonder.

A giant monolith of about 13-ft tall, was found erected in Romania's the Mount Ceahlau, one of the seven natural wonders here. Daily Mail noted that this shiny triangular pillar was spotted a few metres away from the well-known archaeological landmark the Petradava Dacian Fortress. This finding also caused a buzz online as people began speculating their own theories. The Utah monolith had some users linking it to The Simpsons as well. And now, this monolith has gone missing too.

Check Video of Romania Monolith:

To add to this list, we also have a penis-shaped landmark that was reportedly chopped down from Bavarian mountains in Germany today. All of this really seems puzzling. As per Reuters, a spokeswoman for Piatra Neamt police, Georgiana Mosu, said officers are conducting an inquiry into the illegally-installed structure, which was positioned in a protected archaeological area from Nov. 27. Romanian officials had mentioned that the structure was on protected area, which means that whoever installed it would need permission from the institute and also get approved by the Ministry of Culture. But looks like, they took it away as well! 2020 continues its strange games.

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