After a year of waiting for some positive update about the crisis of coronavirus, COVID-19 vaccination process has begun across the nation. And on January 16, India too began its COVID-19 vaccination which is billed as the world's largest vaccination program. Ahead of this extremely positive news, people had already been sharing their happiness about things starting to a look a little brighter from here on. And to tackle the vaccination problems, netizens have their suggestions in a new meme format. Netizens are suggesting unique alternatives of how to administer the vaccine so that it reaches the maximum amount of people in shortest span of time. Using typical food items, netizens suggest putting the vaccine in staples like pav, idli, sambar, momos and so on. The trend has caught on as several suggestions come in the form of funny memes.

Ever since the news of COVID-19 vaccines came out, people had expressed their joy with memes and jokes online. When Covaxin and Covishield were given an approval, people expressed their hope and happiness through similar memes. In the last few days, there were multiple dry runs tested across the nation to begin the vaccination drive. Now Desis have their own ways of giving vaccine through food items. So pav, pani puri to idli-sambhar, the funny suggestions are coming in. Besides, some have other hilarious unique options too.

Check 'Put the Vaccine In...' Funny Meme Trends:

Pav For Mumbai

Pani Puri For All Girls

Idli Sambhar For Those in the South

Litti Choka for Bihar

Mummy Please


Meanwhile Doctors,

All of these are in lighter vein to add on to the joy of celebrating this good news. The COVID-19 vaccination drive aims to reach an estimated 3 crore people by the end of its first phase. In the first phase government and private sector health care workers, including Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) workers, will receive the vaccine.

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