Raccoon Trapped in Drain Grate Rescued After 2-Hour Rescue by 10 Firefighters in Massachusetts (See Pictures)
Raccoon saved by firefighters (Photo Credits: Newton Fire Department Twitter)

Firefighters in Massachusetts spent two hours trying to save a racoon after it got stuck in a sewer grate. And the photo of the racoon sticking its head out of the grate, as if seeking help, is sure to melt your hearts. The photo can also be considered as an inspirational one, where the little one is not ready to give up and literally hanging on the last bit of hope. The racoon was spotted by a passer-by while going to work. He called the fire brigade who spent hours trying to rescue the little one. As the work got difficult, 10 firefighters worked together to bring the little one out of the grate. 75-Year-Old Florida Man Fights With Alligator to Save His Pet Dog!

Photo of the racoon went viral after the Newton Fire Department tweeted a picture of the critter with its head sticking out of one of the grate's holes and clutching bars to support himself. After rescuing the animal, the local fire department tweeted saying, "He had been stuck for a while but we are happy to report he is free!!!" While it is not sure how the racoon got itself trapped, it surely became popular on social media. Drunk Utah Man Books Uber Ride so Injured Baby Bird Could Reach Wildlife Rescue on Time.

Firefighters told NBC News that they tried various methods to get the raccoon out of the grate. They also attempted to lubricate the racoon with soap, hoping it slips through it. They also compressed the racoon's neck with medical gauze and summoned an animal control officer.

Check Out The Tweet Below:

Eventually, a vet arrived and sedated the animal, following which it was freed. A fire department spokesperson took to Twitter saying, "We were able to rescue a juvenile racoon today with help from Waltham's Animal Control." They added, "We rescue citizens both big and small!!!" The fire department confirmed that the racoon was doing well following the rescue.