Raipur Traffic Constable Saves Youth Trying to Commit Suicide From Skywalk (Watch Video)
Raipur police saves youth (Photo Credits: Lalluram YouTube)

A young man on Tuesday attempted suicide by trying to hang from a bridge in Raipur. It was Traffic Policeman Jawan Chandra Prakash's presence of mind that saved the man.  Prakash had only reported for duty at 7:00 am when he saw the man trying to kill himself. The incident happened at 7 am in Shastri Chowk.

With no help in sight, the cop began to climb towards the skywalk using a ladder. However, he couldn't reach the man easily, but he did not lose hope and kept on trying. By then a small crowd had gathered beneath the skywalk.  The policeman finally reached the young man and stopped him from his attempt. Thane Traffic Constable Turns Good Samaritan, Saves Man Who Suffered Heart Attack While Driving.

According to a report in The Dainik Bhaskar, the young man is in a compromised mental condition. He had come to Narayanpur for the training of a home guard. It is said that the man got stuck on the bridge and when trying to hang. Chandra Prakash's efforts were appreciated and the Raipur IG has announced a reward for him.

Watch the video here:

Suicide and suicide attempts have been rising among children, teenagers and youth across countries. Academic pressure, peer pressure, lack of social acceptance, mental health issues, domestic violence, physical abuse are some of the main reasons why young people try to end their lives.

There is a need to educate children about how their lives are much more than their current situation. However, due to lack of facilities and unavailability of resources, our societies do not life lessons and rather focus only on academia. According to the WHO, suicide accounts for 1.4% of deaths worldwide and the number continues to grow.