We all are aware that there are various types of snakes across the world. Now recently, a rare two-headed snake has been discovered in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. According to the Rudaw report, a farmer, Mohammed Mahmoud discovered the two-headed snake in the village of Qadr, the eastern Sulaimani province district of Said Sadiq. While working in the village, Mahmoud found the snake. While speaking with the news portal, Mahmoud said that the sighting of the rare species of the snake was very strange.

“Wednesday was a regular day for me. For the past 30 years, I’ve been farming our land here in this village. Suddenly, I noticed the snake in the stream while the water level was low,” he recalled. Later, Mahmoud decided to keep the snake alive, and thus, he took it to his home.

CBS News has shared a glimpse of the rare two-headed snake on Twitter. This particular snake is non-venomous, just 8 inches long, and weighed less than 80 grams. The snake is less than a year old. This kind of snake is from the Colubridae family. It is known as bora mare awa (grey water snake) in Kurdish. Take a look:

An expert in snake identification, Aram Ghafoor teamed up with Rudaw and visited the location where the snake was discovered. He said he has never been seen a two-headed snake in the Kurdistan Region before and he also called it bizarre.

“In the Kurdistan Region, there are 10 different species of snakes. However, this species of snake is rare, especially one having two heads,” Ghafoor said.

“It lives in both water and land but they cannot handle high temperatures so they need to be well protected,” he added.

According to scientific research, one out of a hundred thousand snakes are born with two heads. These types of snakes are expected to have a very short lifespan.

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