We live in the world of internet challenges and it hard to ignore its consequences. While some are informative and encourage social causes, most of them are worrying and disastrous. And the recent one which can be added to the scary internet challenge is the Skullbreaker Challenge. Just like the name suggests, the TikTok challenge believes in falling with a thump on the floor that could result in a broken skull. And the most worrying part is that TikTok's Skullbreaker Challenge is a hit among the app users who are trying their best to keep up with trends. It is, also known as the "tripping jump challenge" have reportedly injured several people in the US and Europe. Momo Suicide Challenge: Nagpur Police Issues a Warning to Parents About The Dangerous Blue Whale Like WhatsApp Game.

For the social media challenge, three participants are required. They stand side by side and begin by two of them on either side jumping and knocking the third off balance when they try to jump. The person ends up falling to the ground on the head, quite hitting the 'skull'. While it started off as a prank, with the third person, not knowing that they were going to be swept off the floor, now people are readily doing it. And videos of people attempting the Skullbreaker Challenge has gone viral on TikTok and other platforms. The challenge derives its name from the Spanish word Rompcráneos, or ‘Skullbreaker’ in English. While some laughed off the challenge, others pointed out the grave danger of attempting. People said why it should not be done attempted and that people can end up in hospitals.

Video of People Attempting Skullbreaker Challenge:

Not a Good Idea:

Terribly Dangerous!

Dangerous Online Trend:

Here's Why You Should Not Attempt Skullbreaker Challenge:

The challenge derives its name from the Spanish word Rompcráneos, or ‘Skullbreaker’ in English. It is much worry among parents and elders as children are performing the act without any safety precautions. And like most social media challenges, nobody knows who initiated it. It is said that one of the first videos was shot in a Venezuelan school following which it spread worldwide.

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