Stray Cow Visits a Cloth Store in Andhra Pradesh Village Everyday And Nobody Knows Why! (Watch Video)
Cow visits cloth store in Andhra Pradesh (Photo Credits: The Times of India Videograb)

Stray cows wandering on the streets is a common sight in India. They hold up traffic, eat waste, take a dump in the middle of the road and even get into grocery shops looking for eatables. While generally, shopkeepers try to shoo away these animals keeping in view the damage they can cause, a cow in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh gets a warm welcome at a cloth shop in Mydukur village. The shop owners treat the animal-like one among them and let it rest on the bed inside the shop. Nobody knows why the cows come to the shop every day; villagers call it a mystery. This Video of Cow Playing Football With a Group of Boys Will Make You Laugh For Sure (Watch Funny Video)

A video going viral on social media shows the cow sleeping on the bed inside the shop on a regular business day. Customers can be seen buying things from the shop as the animal roams inside. The cow has been a regular visitor at the shop since the past eight months. It loiters around the shop for two to three hours and then leaves for the day. The owner of the shop considers the animal as a family member and treats it with care. Mumbai: Stray Cow Takes a Stroll in IIT-Bombay Lecture Hall (Watch Video)

Cow Visits Cloth Shop in Andhra Pradesh Every Day:

However, this is not the first time cows have received warm treatment at shops in India. An old video on YouTube shows a cloth store owner rubbing the neck of a cow that walked into his shop. Seems cows really have a relation with shop owners in India.