Death Hoaxes have become a real trend that needs to die. Some baseless forwards spike the rumours about significant people's death. Sylvester Stallone is one such celeb who has been a victim of hoax news and forwards more than once. Right from the month of September 2016 to Feb 2018 things haven't changed, Sylvester Stallone Death Hoaxes don't stop!

One or two publications falling for such misinformation creates all the ruckus. Then come the people who believe that everything that is there on any kind of publication on the internet is true. They then begin to share screenshot and links of such articles and the whole mess gets fueled further. Sonali Bendre Death Hoax Goes Viral on Twitter & WhatsApp! BJP MLA Ram Kadam Apologises For Sharing Fake News. 

Understanding the sensitivity of the death news coming from known people further adds to the burden. Once such news pieces or forward begin to spread the vicious cycle doesn't stop. Sylvester Stallone is not dead and there is nothing more ridiculous than to witness your own death news and forwards floating on the internet. Some people just go above and beyond to start mourning and use phrases such as 'RIP', etc. Imran Khan Shot Dead HOAX Video Goes Viral! PTI Leader & Pakistan PM Candidate Being Carried Away is an Old Clip. 

What can you do to stop such death hoaxes?

First and foremost you would want to figure out where the piece of information is coming from. Do not share any information without knowing its source. Forwards, especially have become production machine of hoaxes like these. Do not believe any information from WhatsApp that now has a label of 'forward' on it. Do not share any information that is sensitive, inciting, provocative that can cause sensational environment. For you, it may be just a forward but the information's impact can be huge. Seek information from verified social handles and trusted sources only.

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