#TalkToAMuslim is Trending on Twitter: Actors Swara Bhaskar & Gauhar Khan Among Many Others are Spreading a Movement
Celebs like Gauhar Khan are using #TalkToAMuslim on Twitter. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Celebrities and commoners from across India have started a new social media movement with a hashtag #TalkToAMuslim that has been trending on Twitter since Tuesday evening, which is encouraging Indians to shun hatred and communicate with their Muslim friends. Actors like Swara Bhaskar and Gauhar Khan have extended support to the movement with placards and tweets and netizens from different communities have also joined the movement. The trend seems to have kicked off after writer Zainab Sikander tweeted using the trending hashtag to highlight the growing anti-Muslim sentiment in the country.

BJP accused Congress of being a 'party of Muslims' In response to the allegations, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday responded to the allegation with a tweet giving clarifications. Gandhi is being targetted by BJP leaders after an Urdu newspaper quoted him saying 'Congress is a party of Muslims'.

Rahul Gandhi's Tweet in His Defense

Zainab Sikander's Tweet Using the Hashtag

In just three hours, the hashtag #TalkToAMuslim had over 7,000 tweets. Sikander and other Muslims started posing their pictures with the hashtag, requesting people to look beyond communal hate politics and uphold secularism in India. It has become the top trend on Twitter in India.

Gauhar Khan's Tweet Using #TalkToAMuslim

She wrote: "Seriously didn't think a day would come where talking to a muslim leader or a commoner would question ur patriotism or ur belief in ur own faith! by land I am a Hindu, by faith I am a Muslim and by heart n soul INDIAN is my identity!!"

Swara Bhaskar Also Joined the Movement

Others Included...

Gandhi's tweet came after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a speech on Sunday quoted Gandhi as saying that he wanted practices like triple talaq to continue. The Congress president denied having made any such statement and the Congress party demanded an apology from Modi.