This American Man Talking in Lahori Punjabi is Going Viral (Watch Video)
American talking in Punjabi (Photo Credits: Consulate General of Pakistan in Chicago Facebook)

We Indians just love when we hear foreigners talk our language and this video of an Englishman speaking in Punjabi is going to make your chest swell with pride. The Consulate General of Pakistan in Chicago shared a video of an old man who said he was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. In the clip shared on Facebook, the man gives an account of his time spent in Lahore in absolutely fluent Punjab surprising social media users.

The video was shared on Facebook with the caption, 'An American born and raised in Lahore is speaking flawless Punjabi'. The man in the footage says he lived in India for 32 years and in Lahore for about six years where he learnt Lahori and Punjabi. He later returned to India and went to a college in Pune.

Watch the video here:

After which he went back to Pakistan and lived there for another 16 years teaching. He does not have the slightest hint of the American accent while talking Punjabi. He then got transferred to Singapore where he spent quite a few years. The man continues to go to the India and Pakistan even today and last year made three trips to the countries.