Here is a roundup of the viral and trending news throughout the day.Here's The Video:

Condom brand Durex mocked the embarrassing moment at Cybertruck launch today. As the windows of the "tough" six-seater electric pickup truck smashed, they decided to advertise that their condoms won't break.Check the tweet here:

TikTok videos see great creativity from users. A video of girl performing trippy finger tricks is going viral. What she does is really confusing.Watch the video here:

Andrew Morgan and Luca Parmitano working on repairing the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer are doing a spacewalk. Check Pic:

The first comic book produced by Marvel, the famed US publisher behind Spider-Man, X-Men and The Avengers, went under the hammer Thursday, fetching a record $1.26 million, Heritage Auctions said.Watch Video:

Fans will be able to play the third instalment of the Shenmue series after 18 years of waiting for the action-adventure video game.View Tweet:

Those who are having a back ache, might sigh relief at this adorable video that features a chicken doing some stretches. Holding its back with its cute little feather and stretching backward, the bird rightly shows how to beat back pain.Watch the Video:

On November 21, 2019, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's sixth vehicle at an event in Los Angeles, California. The futuristic design of the electric pickup truck, which can even withstand sledgehammers, caused quite a stir and in case on social media, some hilarious memes.Here's Tesla's New CyberTruck:

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A video posted on social media shows a prankster scaring people on the streets of London wearing a T-rex costume. The video shows pedestrians going s**t scared when the man in Tyrannosaurus rex appeared out of nowhere.Watch Viral Video:

A territorial black swan viciously attacked a golden retriever as the canine was swimming reportedly in an artificial lake in South-Western China. In the video the swan can be seen brutally beating the dog with its wings and peck at its head. The canine tries to stay afloat. The dog's owner screams for the the pet to get back to the shore. The dog thankfully managed to swim safely and is pulled out by its owner.Watch Viral Video:

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Finally, we made it! We are here on Friday, and happiness is only going to increase with each passing hour, as we approach the weekend. Every Friday, it makes us feel like, last weekend was ages ago. Since that feeling will never change, netizens continue to follow their tradition by kick-starting the day with motivational quotes and images dedicated to Friday. And of course, a lot more viral moments are sure to surface as the weekend approaches us. Watch out this space and stay updated with the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes that people online are sharing on November 22.

This week has given us a lot of viral moments. Even some that resurfaced online cracking up the netizens. Take ‘Gonna Tell My Kids’ for example, that appeared earlier this week got a desi twist, after Indians began to share some hilarious memes online that trended the hashtag once again. Besides, a lot of celebrities’ birthdays are lined up for today. Justin Bieber’s beloved wife, Hailey Rhode Bieber turns 23 today, and Mark Ruffalo, our very own Hulk celebrates his 52nd birthday. Wishes are sure to pour in, and their birthday celebrations are expected to make viral moments.

Besides, the ongoing debates happening around the world, are sure to make in the top trending topic on social media. As the day passes, we will keep you updated with everything that is captivating the netizens on Friday.