A 112-year-old Japanese man has been crowned the world’s oldest male. Chitetsu Watanabe, who was born on March 5, 1907, in Niigata, north of Tokyo. Guinness World Records said on Wednesday gave him the title on Wednesday.Read More About Him Below:

British street artist Banksy is said to have gifted his home town, Bristol, in western England with a mural. It shows a small girl with a catapult and red flowers on the other end.Here is the artwork:

Pune Police invited local residents on 'chai date' on the occasion of Valentine's Day. And the invitation has gone viral on social media platforms.Here is the Tweet:

As couples across the world are marking Valentine's Day, funny memes on Bajrang Dal, an extremist group which opposes these celebrations have begun trending online.Check some funny memes below:

A video of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge on her visit to Ark Open Farm in Northern Ireland is going viral. She was seen comfortably holding a snake.Watch the video here:

A French bulldog was captured skating at a skate park in Russia. The adorable pup's video is going viral on social media. Watch the video here:

It is Valentine's Day today (February 14, 2020), and naturally hilarious memes and jokes had to surface on social media. Valentine's Day 2020 memes and jokes are significantly shared on Twitter.Check Tweets:

At the movie premier of Call of the Wild, the director Chris Sanders and his wife Jessica took their adorable pet dog, Buckley. The video showing the happy family is receiving thousands of hearts.Watch Video:

Love is in the air, because it is Valentine's Day! Twitterati has flood their social media timeline with Valentine's Day 2020 wishes and messages.Check Tweets:

People online have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts and happily kick-start the day, before weekend. #FridayThoughts hashtags is currently running as top trends on the social media platform.Check Tweets:

It's a Friday and social media users are finally relieved. People have taken to social media platforms with the hashtags #FridayFeelings and #FridayMotivation on Twitter. While some are sharing good morning wishes others are posting inspirational thoughts and motivational quotes on the internet. From funny memes, GIFs, trending stories to latest Facebook post and tweets, social media is filled with a new set of stories.

February 14 marks Valentine's Day across countries. The day for couples is celebrated with great fanfare in the world. People in relationships prefer to spend the day together with their loved one. They pamper each other by giving them gifts, taking them out on dates by taking a day off from work. On the other hand, Valentine's Day memes and GIFs also trend on social media platforms where people poke fun at singles.

The day also marks various observances across the world. It is also the birthday of popular figures like Madhubala, Sushma Swaraj and Simon Pegg. February 14 also marks the end of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week which tries to create awareness about heart disease. It also marks Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day which advocates the need to have safe sex and therefore also focuses on reproductive health.

As the day progresses stay tuned with this live blog for stories from around the world. In the day of social media, it is impossible to miss trends on the internet. Anything and everything has the capacity to go viral today and we promise to keep you top of the social media game.