A cute video of a paralysed dog chasing a ball has gone viral on social media. The clip shows the dog playing with the ball unaware of its paralyses.

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Video of a flight attendant crashing on passengers during turbulence has gone viral on social media. The incident happened on a plane from Pristina, Kosovo to Basel in Switzerland. Read the full story here.

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A trend of #SixWordHorrorStory is trending on Twitter today, which has people playing with words to spin horror tales. While some people have been really creative, others have spun funny short tales. Joining in is the Mumbai Police Twitter account. Check some other tweets from the same hashtag. 

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This man used photoshop skills to show that he has a flat tire to skip work and has his post go viral in no time. People are lauding him for his photoshop and many can't stop ROFLing!

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An Aussie couple, Justine Latton and her husband headed over for a weekend in Tasmania's Mount Field National Park when they saw a huntsman spider eating a pygmy possum. They took a picture of the attack and shared them on a Tasmanian Insects and Spiders Facebook page, and the picture is going viral ever since. Read the entire story Giant Hairy Spider Eats a Possum here.

In her recent Instagram story, she posted pictures of her boot against an airport window with a backdrop of flights from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and her middle-eastern fans feel offended by the post. Bella Hadid has posted an apology about the same on her Twitter and Instagram. Read the entire story about Bella Hadid's post here.

Bella Hadid's apology: 

College students in Chennai were sitting on top of a moving bus and creating a ruckus while celebrating 'Bus Day.' A bunch of students fell off the roof of the moving bus during a procession. Shocking footage of the same has emerged online. Police have detained about 24 students of Pachayappa's College. Read the entire report here.

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#WATCH College students in Chennai sit & climb on top of moving buses and hang from window bars of a bus during Bus Day celebrations, yesterday; Police detained 24 students in connection with the incident. pic.twitter.com/TI77ogTNxc

— ANI (@ANI) June 18, 2019

Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico erupted yesterday sending fumes of ash rising up to four to five kilometres up from the crater. Some passengers on a flight passing across captured the fumes and it was shared on Twitter. The volcanic explosion was recorded at 6.44 am on Monday.

June 18 is celebrated as International Sushi Day every year. The Japanese cuisine speciality made with vinegared rice and fish, meat or veggies has grown popular over the years. However, there are many misconceptions about Sushi too. So this day is celebrated to raise awareness about the truths and fictions surrounding it. People are sharing some delectable pictures of the traditional Japanese dish on Twitter to mark this day.

Check Tweets and Photos About International Sushi Day

Colourful sushis on your timeline

People often share interesting and inspiring quotes on social media to wish their friends and followers a good morning. Every Tuesday, people share some wisdom and good vibe quotes with everyone. As #TuesdayThoughts trend on Twitter, we get you some tweets on the same.

The internet is one place which brings the world closer virtually. There are no borders. We can access what is happening in another part of the world on just a few clicks. Among all the interesting things that emerge and make it to headlines every day, there are certain topics that become a trend due to common interests. When people around the world start talking upon an issue it becomes a trend too quickly. If you do not want to miss out on what is happening over the internet, we bring it down for you. Here you can find most of the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes that are being shared widely on the internet.

It is a Tuesday so #TuesdayThoughts will begin trending on Twitter. People share good quotes and images, giving out inspiring messages. Meanwhile, India's capital Delhi has received a good respite with rains. People took to Twitterati to express their happiness at the pleasant weather change. So #DelhiRains have also become a trend right now. Some countries today mark the International Picnic Day, a time to get out and spend a good time in a park or amidst the natural surroundings with friends and family.

We will get you more of trends throughout the day. Be it an interesting discussion or a very basic debate, it can become a Twitter thread. Sometimes an animal doing something really silly can also get a lot of viewers, making it a viral video. So we will try and cover it here. Stay tuned with us.