Do you remember recently seeing the video of an alligator trying to eat a turtle? After that, here is a video which makes us wonder which one of these is true. This video shared on Twitter shows a tortoise and an alligator passing by each other as if they were good old neighbours. Swimming in their natural habitat, the alligator can be seen lying in water wagging its tail, when the turtle passes by. As the video went viral, Twitterati wrote that both were friends and it showed them doing a high-five. While it looks like it, we are not sure, what exactly the reptiles are trying to do. Teenager Jumps in Ocean to Save a Struggling Turtle, Crocodile Attacks and Snatches it Away.

The video was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda with the caption, "Greeting each other (sic)." The video also left Twitterati double-minded. One of the comments read, "Was it actually greeting sir? I thought turtle didn't see the crocodile ahead as soon as it realises it changed the direction. It appeared like that to me." The video is from Florida and netizens have been left perplexed thinking what exactly it was. Drone Video of 64,000 Endangered Sea Turtles Near Australia's Great Barrier Reef is Turtley Incredible.

Turtle Gives a High-Five to Crocodile:

And some netizens were worried for their safety. People said that at a time when the world is worried about the increase in the spread of coronavirus cases, these reptiles did not seem to be bothered about their well-being. People joked that they did not follow social distancing norms and even did a high-even, which is completely unacceptable during times of COVID-19 pandemic. How we wish, the reptiles watched news daily!

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