UK's First Upside-Down House in Bournemouth Has Opened Its Doors to Public, See Pics
UK's first upside-down house. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

While the quirky concept of upside-down house is not new, UK gets its first-ever upside-down house in Bournemouth, Dorset. Consisting of two floors of fully-furnished rooms, the house has turned many heads since opening its doors to the public on November 10. As reported by Daily Mail, the scheme is the brainchild of Upside Down House UK, who have been inspired from a similar attraction in permanent residence in Lithuania. From Building Houses to Roads, How Non-Biodegradable Waste Can Be Put to Best Use.

The two-storey building is painted pink, features fully-furnished rooms including an office, living space, bedroom and bathroom. According to Tom Dirse, CEO of Upside Down House UK, “It is made of timber panels that fit together like ‘big Lego’.” He further says, “I was approached by the man who is now my business partner about bringing an upside-down house to Britain. He was behind the attraction in Lituania and after around nine months of work we’ve managed to get this one open in Bournemouth.”

See Pics of UK’s First Upside-Down House


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The house is open for public viewing for an entry fee of four pounds and you can get inside and take some weird pictures that will make for some great Instagram content. The pink house stands on its roof and visitors enter from the side door. The house will remain open until June 2019. Mr Dirse said, “We always wanted to be by the coast and Bournemouth is quite a vibrant town.” The concept of upside-down houses is prevalent in several other places like Germany, Poland, Malaysia, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, Estonia and more.