US Heatwave Temperatures Can Bake Biscuits in Parked Car! Experiment in Nebraska Shows How Hot Its Getting
Biscuits baked in parked car in Nebraska (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Climate change is showing its real effects all over the globe. While one part of the world is suffering from extreme floods, the other side is facing an extreme heatwave. Just a few months ago, parts of Midwestern United States saw major floods and now there is an extreme heatwave spreading across the United States and is expected to get worse. The National Weather Service in Nebraska carried an experiment to depict the extreme heatwave by baking biscuits inside a hot car! Clearly demonstrating that people are living in an oven. They gave a warning that why one should not leave their kids and pets inside the cars these days. US Sizzles as Weekend Heat Wave Tightens Grip, 150 Million People Struggling to Stay Cool.

The National Weather Service posted on Twitter about their baking experiment in a hot car. An extreme heatwave warning has already been issued in eastern Nebraska since Saturday. They set up biscuit dough in a cookie sheet in a closed car from Thursday morning and also placed a  thermometer along to measure the heat temperature. Soon they posted updates in a series of tweets about the dough rising into biscuits. They also mentioned that the biscuits were fully edible on the outside, while the middle part remained doughy. Extreme Summer in Japan is Melting Plastic Food Displayed in Restaurants Due to High Temperatures.

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It took just about four hours for the top of the biscuits to be baked and in total about 8 hours for them to be completely edible. This also goes to show that how staying in the sun for long hours in the sun can have a bad effect on one's body. After their experiment, National Weather Service added, "This is a good time to remind everyone that your car does in fact get deadly hot. Look before you lock! On average 38 children die in hot cars each year. Don't be a statistic!" It is indeed a worrying condition for all the residents.