Apple lovers, are you ready for an iCar? If you have been tuned up to the updates of all Apple products, then you'd heard of the giant tech company is turning to developing cars. Reportedly, Apple electric vehicle will begin production in 2024. But a video of supposedly "Apple Car Concept" has surfaced online. The self driving car looks mind-boggling with its spherical wheels and sleek design like their phones, but it is a work of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and not a real car. A TikTok video of Apple's car is going viral and it does look very much real. So those who have believed it to be true are already quipping doubts on the software updates of this hi-tech vehicle. Airpods Max Case is a Bra or a Purse? Apple's Latest Headphones' Smart Case Has 'Bra'ffled Netizens Thanks to Its 'Not-So-Unique' Design (Check Funny Jokes).

A TikTok video by user @riovacci has been shared on Twitter as "Apple car concept." The video shows a silver coloured self driving car with wheels you have never seen before! The sphere-shaped wheels move on track rolling in 360 degrees and a guy is seen getting out of the car, while the car later parks itself. It is a VFX model but very convincing as a real one. On careful observance, you'd see @VFXhd written on the roads. One of the Twitter users said it was a CGI Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo developed for a game. Well, possibly. Remember the mirco pig Pinky from Tokyo who went viral? It was also a CGI concept. But some have confused this car to be real and have funny reactions ready. With Apple products come the software updates so the reactions are similar.

Check The Viral Video of 'Apple Car' Here:

The video has over 2 million views, 7200 retweets and over 6,000 responses. Check some of the funny ones here:

CGI Game Model

Update Every Two Days

Battery Would Run Up


New Model Incoming...

And if You Hit a Bump

As cool as it may look to some, it is not a real car model but a very well-made CGI. So although Apple is working on making cars, this is not it is going to look like. Meanwhile, those with plans to buy it, you rather start saving up from now.

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