The popularity of Disney’s Alladin has made everyone familiar with Genie, the Jinn. Who wouldn’t love to have a wishing Jinn pop out before them and grant their wishes? But out of the pop culture context, what is a Jinn and are they real? Jinn, also referred to as jinn, are amorphous entities that do not have a fixed shape or form. They have a malleable role in society and cultural context. This article will explore more about these spirits from Arabia. Saffron BPO in Gurgaon Ghost Story: Girl Named Rose 'The Dead Girl Living,' Know the REAL Horror Tale of Vivek Oberoi-Starrer 'Rosie: The Saffron Chapter'.

What is a Jin?

Jinn is a shape-shifting spirit supposedly formed of smoke and air with its origins in pre-Islamic Arabian religious systems. Jinn is said to be able to take shapes of humans and animals.

The word ‘jinn’ in Arabic has two meanings: demons or spirits and hidden from sight. Jinn is native to Arabic mythology. Pagan Arabs used to worship Jinn long before Islam was introduced. These spirits were said to have certain magic and crafts which could turn land into fertile plots for agriculture. It is believed that Jinn has predated humans.

There are numerous mentions of Jinn in the Quran, and are thus also said to be a part of Islamic tradition. In the 7th century, with the introduction of Islam, Prophet Muhammad stated that jinn existed as non-material spirits having their free will. Jinn is a being with the ability to choose between faith and unbelief, along with moral or immoral behaviour. They have a mysterious nature and are categorised as neither good nor evil. Jinn is said to be dual-dimensional. What Happens After Death? 'Ghost Whisperer' Claims To See Heaven During Two Months of Coma, Gives Insight Into Afterlife!.

Is Jinn Real?

People belonging to the Islamic tradition believe in the existence of Jinn. But it is not scientifically proven, and it is a matter of faith and belief over scientific theories. Some people claim of witnessing Jinn, but psychological factors could also trigger it. The belief in whether Jinn is real or not is a choice of one’s faith and personal belief.

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