‘Women Only Need 7 Tampons a Month’ Claims Man on Twitter, Gets Brutally Slammed With Factual Math
7 tampons per period? (Photo Credits: @aisghair/ Twitter/ Pixabay)

Alright, this is mansplaining on another level! A man is going viral after he decided to calculate the average cost of a monthly period; he definitely does not experience. We are aware that a lot of cisgender men know very little or absolutely nothing about the monthly cycle, but his comment about the number of tampons needed per cycle is hilariously brutal. Somehow, he managed to calculate that women should be wearing only seven tampons per cycle and that they should stop complaining about the cost of sanitary products. Naturally, Twitter could not digest his nonsense and slammed him with factual math. Nepali Woman Dies after Spending Night in a 'Menstruation Hut'.

A Twitter user shared a screengrab of what appears to be a Facebook comment by a man who detailed the average milliliters of blood a woman expends per period. “So, the average period is between 10-35ml of blood, each tampon holds about 5ml, so 7 tampons per cycle,” he revealed in the post. 5 Natural Ways to Beat the Stomach Ache During Menstruation. 

Seven tampons per period? We wish!

Let us keep aside his ignorance of the fatal disease that will be caused by his period plan because the hole of his unknowing goes even more profound. First, he suggests that the number of tampons could be increased to 10 for “ladies with an extra juicy uterine lining.” Second, he makes the wildest claim— “9 periods a year = 90 tampons max.” We just cannot imagine how this dude reasoned nine periods per year for a natural bodily function which people call “the monthly cycle.” As if his calculations were not ridiculing enough that he concluded his comment by diminishing the cost of period products saying,  Cut down on your starbucks frapps and stop whining, [sic].”

When his comment was posted on Twitter, he was savagely dragged!

This person did the math with real data!

Dear mean, since you have not had a period, do not tell women what it is like to have a period, how they should be managing their period or how much it costs to have periods. And also in general, do not assume that you know better than people who menstruate.