'You Are Fooled by Google Maps!' A Banner in Goa Shows People The Right Direction to Baga Beach
Baga beach road (Photo Credits: @tweesumz Twitter)

How many times have you reached dead ends by following Google Maps? If that's a yes then you would want to thank the person who put up this banner in Goa. With multiple incidents of tourists being wrongly directed to a marketplace instead of Baga beach by Google Maps, a kind soul decided to help lost explorers. While Google Maps has arguably changed the way people travel, incidents of people reaching the wrong locations are very common.

A photo of the banner put up at the marketplace has gone viral, and Twitterati can't stop thanking the doer for it. Hung, a kilometre from Baga beach, the banner reads, "You are fooled by Google Maps. This road doesn't take you to Baga Beach!!! Turn back and take a left turn, Baga is 1 km from here." The Twitter user Sumanth Raj Urs took to social sharing the photo saying: 'Hahaha. @googlemaps what's the route to Baga beach? Photo credits: masud.' Google Maps Shows Northern England School's Name as 'Prison & Hell On Earth!'

Here is the tweet:

No directions, please!

Google Maps, are you listening?

Will we soon be finding more such banners?

Google Maps needs to solve this

We may have to resort to the traditional method of asking people

People tweeted thanking the Good Samaritan for the thoughtful act. As the photo went viral, people shared incidents of being wrongly led by Google Maps ending up at dead ends.  Google Maps With AR Navigation Trial Begins; To Offer More Accurate & Useful Directions and Information

A Google Pixel user had criticised the tech giant for lack of support on the device by putting up a banner in Delhi. Google has responded saying that they reached out to the customer with free repair or a new device, but he demanded "two units of the next-gen Pixel" which is against their policy.