YouTuber Eats Raw Meat Sighting Protest at a Vegan Food Festival at Amsterdam! Watch Viral Video
YouTuber Eats Raw Meat (Photo Credits: Screengrab/ YouTube)

You won’t need to look far online to know how meat eaters think vegans to be a disgrace to society. Their choice of no animal products from their diet is a pretty strange thing to omnivores. Portraying one such hatred, a meat-loving YouTuber staged an appalling demonstration at a vegan food festival in Amsterdam. Well, he literally chews on raw meat which spectators reported to be dripping with blood. Identified as a YouTuber sv3rige, the shocking video naturally went viral, surfacing on all the social media platforms. The sturdy ponytailed man can be seen wearing a tank top, the phrase on it reads, “Go vegan and die.” Body-Painted Waitress Takes YouTube by Storm: Woman Goes Naked in This Viral Video and Receives Much Love!

According to a report by Independent, the incident happened at the Vegan Food Festival, the first one ever to be held in the Dutch capital. The YouTuber was accompanied by an assistant and cameraman in front of the festival and only left after an hour; stated the report. In the video, a woman can be heard saying, “He is just eating it.” A witness on a smartphone captured the footage.

Watch the video of YouTuber protesting at Amsterdam's Vegan Food Festival by eating raw meat.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the food festival expressed their disapproval of the man’s actions, explaining that the festival is a family event. The Vegan Food Festival was full of seniors and children, and at the time of the awkward incident, a special children programme was going on. In the same report, the festival’s representative clarified that the attendees are “not extreme vegans.”

The man and his friends left the festival grounds following complaints about their behaviour. Vegan Food Festival in Amsterdam was free for attendees, and it ran from August 10 to 12, and it is unclear on which day this episode happened. On the other hand, the YouTuber later posted a video on his sv3rige channel, where he confronted to be a vegan once. He claimed that he “almost died” for not getting proper nutrients. In the video, he further said that before the meat gets banned entirely, he wants to stem the growth of veganism. If you put a quick view, you can see comprised videos promoting meat-inclusive diets and interviews with ex-vegans.