116/7 (20.0 ov)HK
UAE 118/2 (15.1 ov)
CRR: 7.78 | United Arab Emirates beat Hong Kong by 8 wickets

United Arab Emirates beat HK by 8 wickets | Hong Kong vs UAE, Highlights And Cricket Score 15th T20 Match

ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier, 2019

Date: Oct 21, 2019 Start Time: 15:40 IST | 10:10 GMT | 14:10 Local
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Hong Kong vs UAE Highlights And Cricket Score 15th Match - T20 Summary

End of Over : 15.1 UAE: 118/2

That's it from this game! However, cricketing action today does not stop as there is still a game left. Canada will be taking on Nigeria. Do join us for all the action from that game. Till then, take care and goodbye!

Man of the Match, Rameez Shahzad, says he was thinking about the last two times he missed his half tons by a close margin but was sure he would get it this time. Says his dad, who played in the 1996 World Cup would surely be watching this match. Further adds that they were confident and looked to attack from the start with the bat.

To be honest the victory was set up by the UAE bowlers. They bowled brilliantly throughout. Mustafa and Waheed were the stars for them and in the end, their batters did the job by chasing this down easily.

Easy-peasy! The UAE side has chased this total down without breaking a sweat. Yes, they lost Mustafa early but Suri and Shahzad, got their eye in and once they did that, they scored at will. The two added 93 for the second wicket with Shahzad scoring a fifty. He did fall shortly after that but Suri remained unbeaten six short of it and took his side over the line.

15.1 4

Ehsan Khan to Chirag Suri. FOUR! VICTORY FOR UAE! Suri has completed the job for the hosts! Full length ball outside off, Suri takes the aerial route and lofts it over the cover fielder for a boundary. UAE win by 8 wickets.

End of Over : 15 9 Runs 15.1: 114/2
14.6 0

Kyle Christie to Waheed Ahmed. Length ball outside off, Ahmed looks to play at it but the ball whizzes past his outside edge.

14.5 1

Kyle Christie to Chirag Suri. Suri opens the face of his bat to this length ball and guides it towards third man for one.

14.4 W

Kyle Christie to Rameez Shahzad. OUT! CAUGHT! Shahzad has thrown his wicket away but only after taking the hosts to the brink of victory. Short of a length ball outside off, Shahzad looks to pull it towards the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. He does not get the timing on it to clear the fence and the fielder, Raag Kapur in the deep takes a simple catch. He could have finished the game for UAE but he has to walk back after a very good innings.

14.3 4

Kyle Christie to Rameez Shahzad. FOUR! Full ball wide outside off, Shahzad slaps this one through the cover region and the ball races to the fence. 4 runs needed to win now.

14.2 0

Kyle Christie to Rameez Shahzad. Short delivery outside off, Shahzad pulls this one but straight to the man.

14.1 4

Kyle Christie to Rameez Shahzad. FOUR! Delicate! What a shot to bring up your fifty! Length ball just outside off, Shahzad opens the face of his bat and help it fine towards third man. The ball races to the fence. First T20I half ton for Shahzad!

End of Over : 14 4 Runs 15.1: 105/1
13.6 0

Ehsan Khan to Chirag Suri. Suri pushes this one back towards the bowler.

13.5 2

Ehsan Khan to Chirag Suri. Two byes! Floated on off, Chirag looks to push at it but the ball spins in and he misses the line of the delivery. The keeper fails to collect it and the ball rolls towards fine leg as the batters take two byes.

13.4 0

Ehsan Khan to Chirag Suri. Floated on the pads, Suri looks to paddle it towards the leg side but it comes off the inner half onto the pads and then it roll towards fine leg.

13.3 0

Ehsan Khan to Chirag Suri. Suri pushes this floated one on off towards mid off.

13.2 0

Ehsan Khan to Chirag Suri. On the pads, tucked towards the man at mid-wicket.

13.1 2

Ehsan Khan to Chirag Suri. Floated on the off pole, Suri reverse sweeps it towards backward square leg and takes a couple.


United Arab Emirates will face Hong Kong in their third match of ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers, 2019. UAE have won and lost one each in two matches so far in the tournament, while Hong Kong are still without a victory in the 2019 ICC Twenty20 World Cup Qualifiers. Hong Kong are placed fourth in Group B, which is led by Oman. Hong Kong are placed second last in the team standings.


UAE were beaten by Oman in their opening game of the 2019 T20 World Cup Qualifiers but they bounced back with a five-wicket victory against Ireland in their next game. Hong Kong, on the other, have lost to Ireland and Oman in ther two matches in the tournament.


United Arab Emirates: Ashfaq Ahmed, Rohan Mustafa, Darius D'Silva, Muhammad Usman, Rameez Shahzad, Waheed Ahmed, Mohammad Boota(w), Sultan Ahmed, Ahmed Raza(c), Junaid Siddique, Zahoor Khan, Chirag Suri, Imran Haider, Ghulam Shabber, Zawar Farid.


Hong Kong: Nizakat Khan, Aizaz Khan(c), Kinchit Shah, Waqas Barkat, Simandeep Singh, Scott McKechnie(w), Haroon Arshad, Shahid Wasif, Ehsan Khan, Kyle Christie, Nasrulla Rana, Mohammad Ghazanfar, Raag Kapur, Ahsan Abbasi, Aarush Bhagwat.

ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 - News

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