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345/8 (50.0 ov)SL
WI 184/10 (39.1 ov)
CRR: 4.69 | Sri Lanka beat West Indies by 161 runs

SL beat WI by 161 runs | Sri Lanka vs West Indies, Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd ODI Match

West Indies in Sri Lanka, 3 ODI Series, 2020

Date: Feb 26, 2020 Start Time: 14:30 IST | 09:00 GMT | 14:30 Local
Venue: Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium, Hambantota

Sri Lanka vs West Indies Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd Match - ODI Summary

End of Over : 39.1 WI: 184/10

That's all we have from this match! Third ODI will be a dead rubber but both teams will be going hard for a win for different reasons. Sri Lanka would love to inflict a clean sweep whereas West Indies would like to avoid the same. Do join us on 1st March at 1430 local (0900 GMT) for all the action. Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!

Dimuth Karunaratne, the Sri Lankan skipper, thanks his teammates first of all. Credits Mendis and Fernando for their fantastic batting performance. Mentions how Wanindu and Sandakan were outstanding, and that the fast bowlers were good as well. On being asked about Major Perera's performance, Dimuth says that he did well with the ball and the bat as well. When asked about Mickey Arthur, their coach, Karunaratne says that is a nice guy and that he supports them at every turn. Adds that he gives them self-confidence on and off the pitch. Ends by thanking the crowd for coming out in such large numbers.

Kieron Pollard, the West Indian skipper, says that the partnership between Fernando and Mendis took the game away from them after the 2 early wickets. Adds that the ground was big and both the wrist spinners were looking for wickets taking advantage of that. On being asked whether he would like to change something from today's performance, he laughs and says everything. Adds that he is disappointed about how the team failed in crunch moments. Ends by saying that he is disappointed with his own performances today too.

Avishka Fernando is the Player of the Match. Fernando says that he is very happy with his performance and thinks that he batted really well. Adds that there was pressure at the start after the loss of 2 early wickets. Shares that they planned to construct a partnership and praises Mendis for batting so well. Ends by saying that he likes to play against the West Indies fast bowlers as he prefers pace.

Angelo Mathews is down for a quick chat. Says that he is very happy with the victory and adds that it was a convincing one for them. Credits Avishka Fernando and Kusal Mendis for the way they batted and the partnership they had and also mentions how the bowlers performed really well. On his wonderful catch, Angelo replies that he wants to contribute in every manner possible and that he has been working a lot on his fitness. On playing his 100th ODI in Sri Lanka, Mathews says he is proud and it is a very big achievement for any person to play so many matches for the country. Stay tuned for the presentation...

In pursuit, West Indies started steadily but failed to capitalize. They were completely at sea against the Lankan wrist spinners and flopped miserably. Shai Hope once again was the only batsman to present a fight but apart from him, it was a collective failure for the touring team. A thoroughly professional effort in the field by the Lankan Lions and they deserve to be 2-0 ahead in the series.

A ruthless show one can say! Although it started on a sorry note for Sri Lanka as they lost two quick wickets upfront but that was followed by a record and marathon 239-run stand between Avishka Fernando and Kusal Mendis. Both struck fabulous centuries and propelled the home team to a gigantic total. The West Indian bowling was very flat, however, Alzarri Joseph and Sheldon Cottrell bowled some good overs at the death. Their fielding though was very mediocre with plenty of catches getting dropped and granting Mendis a life when he was on 2 haunted them the most.

Thumping win for Sri Lanka! They have registered their biggest win against West Indies in ODIs to take an unsurpassable lead in the 3-match ODI series. The Lankan dressing room is all smiles and their players are celebrating in the middle.

39.1 W

Lakshan Sandakan to Fabian Allen. OUT! End of the story! Sandakan serves a flighted full ball around leg, Allen aims to go downtown and clear long on but fails to get enough distance behind his shot. Thisara Perera takes a simple catch and SRI LANKA WIN BY 161 RUNS!

End of Over : 39 4 Runs 39.1: 184/9
38.6 W

Nuwan Pradeep to Alzarri Joseph. OUT! Pradeep strikes with a corker of a yorker. Nails it at the base of off stump, little bit of tail in the air and Joseph is late in bringing his bat down. The off stump goes for a walk and Sri Lanka are just one wicket away from taking an unassailable lead in the series.

38.5 0

Nuwan Pradeep to Alzarri Joseph. Digs in a short ball on off, Joseph tries his best to pull but misses.

38.4 0

Nuwan Pradeep to Alzarri Joseph. Spears in a full ball on off, Joseph tries to drive but it takes the inner half, strikes him on the front pad and rolls back to the bowler.

38.3 W

Nuwan Pradeep to Keemo Paul. OUT! Pradeep destroys the stumps with his back of the hand variation. He lands it on a length around off, Paul is way too early into his shot and as a result, he fails to make any connection. Wicket number 8 goes down and the end is nigh for West Indies.

38.2 4

Nuwan Pradeep to Keemo Paul. FOUR! Aerial but wide of short mid-wicket! Short in length and around off, Keemo rides the bounce and hammers his pull to the deep mid-wicket fence.

38.1 0

Nuwan Pradeep to Keemo Paul. Good length ball around off, Paul stays back to defend but gets an inside edge onto the pads.

End of Over : 38 13 Runs 39.1: 180/7
37.6 6

Lakshan Sandakan to Fabian Allen. SIX! STOP THE PRESS! Fabian Allen has hit the first maximum of the match. A flighted full ball landing around off, Fabian finds it in his zone and launches it all the way over wide long off for a biggie.

37.5 0

Lakshan Sandakan to Fabian Allen. Too full in length on off, Allen is on the front foot as he drives it to covers.

37.4 1

Lakshan Sandakan to Keemo Paul. Flighted delivery on middle, Paul works it in front of square leg for a single.

37.3 0

Lakshan Sandakan to Keemo Paul. NOT OUT! Missing leg. Loopy full ball landing on middle and it spins in after pitching, Paul tries to flick but misses and is rapped on the pads. They appeal but the umpire shakes his head. Karunaratne takes the referral after the request from his bowler. The replays roll in and Snicko detects no involvement of bat. Ball Tracker takes time to generate... We all wait and once it comes on the screen, the ball is seen to be spinning down and missing the leg stump.

37.2 1

Lakshan Sandakan to Fabian Allen. Very full in length and around off, Fabian drives but finds the mid off fielder.

37.2 5

Lakshan Sandakan to Fabian Allen. FOUR! Finds the gap! Tossed up ball around off, too full in length, Allen drives and finds the gap at extra cover for a glorious boundary. Sandakan has also overstepped and we will have a Free Hit now...

37.1 0

Lakshan Sandakan to Fabian Allen. Shortish and on off, Fabian moves back and punches it to covers where the fielder makes a good diving stop.

West Indies in Sri Lanka 3 ODI Series 2020 - News

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