2018 FIFA World Cup Diaries: Neymar Jr Posts a Picture With Team Brazil Post Winning Over Serbia by 2-0
Team Brazil (Photo Credits: Instagram/neymarjr)

Yesterday, Brazil won the match against Serbia by 2-0 for the Group E at the Spartak Stadium. It was Paulhino and Thiago Silva were the ones to score a couple of goals for the team and the team qualified for the final 16 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It was Paulino's goal that garnered a lot of praises from the Brazilian fans.

The team was obviously elated with the victory and Neymar Jr posted a picture with the team on the plane travelling to another destination. He posted the picture with the caption, “Time, team, teammates, family, or call as you wish, united and focused on a single goal.”

He posted another picture with a caption, “First goal conquered, congratulations boy. Let's go Brazil.”

After the match, Brazil’s coach Tite said addressed the press and said, “We don’t live off of expectations, we live off of reality. It’s a team that’s growing strong in the competition mentally, taking the pressure with a good performance on the pitch. In football you have to have balance. I was not able to sleep sometimes, thinking about this type of chemistry and balance.”

"I’m still going to have a caipirinha tonight, I’ll allow myself! The World Cup is made up of human relationships, you have to feel how the dressing room is established, how the players interact, the responsibility the joy, the pride, you try to balance things out. If you’re hyper you try to slow it down if you’re a bit low you try to hype it up. In terms of the emotion of the team, there is still more to grow. Comparatively speaking, they have grown in those three matches. From here, it is only up,” said Tite on a concluding note.