Yuvraj Singh Retires From International Cricket; How the All-Rounder Beat Cancer and Emerged a Winner
Yuvraj Singh (Photo Credits: Facebook)

What is Indian cricket without Yuvraj Singh? Millions of cricket lovers are left to ponder about that after the cricketer announced his retirement from international cricket, bidding goodbye to a 19-year journey. The cricketer made the announced at a press briefing, revealing his decision to "move on." The World Cup hero helped India lift the trophy in 2011. Champion to millions around the world, Yuvi is admired all over the world not only for his performance as one of India’s most-dependable batsmen. He is an inspiration to many who have been battling cancer. After being diagnosed with the malignant disease, Yuvraj not only made a great recovery but also came back to the high-stress world of cricket. Yuvraj Singh Retires! Cricket World Cup 2011 Hero and Cancer Survivor, Yuvi Draws Curtain on Coveted International Career.

Back in 2012, news broke that Yuvraj was diagnosed with cancer after a tumour was detected between his heart and lungs.

His treatment, as revealed by his physiotherapist Jatin Chaudhury to TOI, was delayed after his biopsy results were stolen. To make matters worse, an Indian hospital made an incorrect diagnosis, delaying the treatment further.

It took a Russian doctor in 2011 to make the correct diagnosis. Luckily, the cancer was in its first stage so the chances of recovery were 100 percent.

According to doctors, Yuvraj was suffering from seminoma, a rare type of cancer that develops in the organs. Although it was found in his lungs, doctors assured that there’s no connection with smoking or alcoholism. Rather, seminomas are genetic or congenital.

Lung cancer is usually detected in older people. But seminomas can occur in people between the ages of 15-35. But thankfully, the recovery rate of seminomas is 95 percent.

The doctors decided to treat Yuvraj with chemotherapy because there was a danger it could put pressure on the artery, causing it to burst.

He was discharged in 2012 after completing his third and final cycle of chemotherapy at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston. After he showed full signs of remission, he was selected as part of the 15-member Indian team for ICC World Twenty20 in 2012.

Achievements followed when he was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2012 by the President of India. In 2014, he was bestowed with the Padma Shri Award. During one of the IPL tournaments, Yuvraj held the record of the highest-bidded player at Rs 16 crores.

Despite his achievements on the field, Yuvraj also worked immensely for the cancer patients' cause with YouWeCan. Along with mother Shabnam, the cricketer established the foundation that helps in spreading awareness about cancer.

He told India Today: “I am determined to make a dent in the society and fight for controlling cancer but cannot achieve my objectives without your participation and support. I believe, together You and We CAN. And remember, if Yuvi Can, You Can!!”

He also spoke to the Hindustan Times on World Cancer Day 2015 about his journey, saying spreading awareness about cancer has given him a purpose in life: “Because I’ve gone through it myself, I want to give hope and courage to other people who are suffering from cancer and inspire them through my own story, so that tomorrow they can be an inspiration in someone else’s life and set an example for society.”

After his retirement, Yuvi intends to continue his work for spreading cancer awareness.