SEO is a key component of today's marketing strategy. This is where Staylisted, an inbound digital marketing agency, comes in. They began as a small business in 2007, with big dreams, gradually building the steps. In 2013, they evolved as an SEO Marketing Agency in Phoenix, Arizona, with the ardent grail of assisting thousands of micro and small businesses by providing them with an effectively wide range of visibility.

They would strategically promote the brands and business based on their experience and perseverance. This B2B marketing firm focused on small businesses, particularly blue collar industries like carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. They offered reasonably priced and expertly constructed services such as websites, local SEO services, and total online marketing management.

They grew from their own experiences and snags along the way. They found that there are less credible marketing agencies that offer services to small businesses while overcharging. SEO is a conundrum, Staylisted loved solving it. They meet business owners, learn their objectives, and contribute to their achievement of these objectives. They identify the missing elements and create marketing tactics to assist them in achieving their goals. Not only did they survive but even prospered during the Covid-19 pandemic, so that other small businesses could do likewise.

Staylisted has worked with over 9,000 different clients since their founding, creating Google My Business listings, websites, and citations for their clients and periodically reporting on their performance to help business owners gain greater online visibility. Under the leadership of Sergio Salazar, with a small, expert team of around 50 employees, they helped small businesses grow even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They took advantage of a "boom" that was occurring during the epidemic for home renovation projects, meaning that remodelers, landscapers, etc. were in more demand than ever before. This is why it was so crucial for those business owners to continue marketing their businesses and reach out to consumers looking for their services online. Staylisted helped them successfully and efficiently reach the intended audience. The client-base and sales of Staylisted continue to rise each year. SEO is an always-evolving field and Staylisted is a leader in innovative and tested digital marketing methods.

With this pace, they have achieved plenty of accomplishments. Staylisted was included in the most prestigious ranking, INC 5000 three years in a row, which represents a unique look at the list of most successful companies within the American economy's most dynamic segment, its independent small business. In 2018, Staylisted announced a new partnership with Yelp as a Yelp's Ads Certified Partner (YACP).

This partnership with Yelp helped the customers maintain their Yelp Ads profile pages and promote them. Apart from Yelp, they also have a partnership with Google and Bing. With the large customer base, some of their happy clients, Joseph Roger says, "I'm currently working with them on a third website and so far they've been very prompt, responsive and patient with my many questions and emails. I'm very happy with the performance of our websites with Staylisted". As their success progresses, through their Staylisted Business Scholarship they help excellent business students in the field of business education with scholarships.